Thursday, January 27, 2011

A VERY Younger woman gets younger at a coffee.

Very beautful Youth Goddess named Breann McGreger transported herself to a nearby starbucks coffee place run and owned by very evil villian Lionel Luthor,Breann McGreger appears at the starbucks coffee shop or place,got to meet a very cranky very woman named Heather who works behind the counter,She was wearing her very beauitful blonde hair up,Breann McGrgerger talked Heather into leting her blonde hair down,Breann McGreger used her magic youth powers on Heather,she was turned into a 10 year old little girl again standing behind the counter,standing in her geen work outfit,struggling to look over the counter,and she was crying for her mommy and daddy.
Breann McGreger did what she had to do and transported to the uss Entrprise -D Starship to visit with starfleet captain Picard, on the bridge.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jenny asked very beauiful Breann McGreger to turn.

Jenny who is married to jim,a movie agent ,he was turned into a little boy by pinhead reality tv star Named Jessica Simpson who will not pose nude for playboy or do any r-rated movies which have nudity,where the movie script asks her to go to bed as a naked woman,But Pinhead Jessica Simpson only makes really bad pg-13 rated movies ,which allways bomb and do bad at the movies like most of the movies,that she had made in the past.
Jim went to visit Jessica Simpson to talk her into doing a r-rated movie which has lots of violent gun battle and lots of nudity,she told jim no way and got mad at jim and used her magic youth powers on jim ,and turned into a little boy again,who was standing in his baggy fancy Lawyer.
His Wife named Jenny is a much younger woman ,and she is a lot a lot than jim is.
Jenny used her own magic powers to turn jim back into a full grown man again.
Jenny called youth goddess named Breann McGreger,on her cell phone ,while she was laying in bed,as a naked woman together with jim who is wearing his underwear,Breann McGreger transported herself to where jessica simpson is,doing her dumb reailty tv show and used her magic youth powers to turn Jessica Simpson back into a little girl again,she was standing in her baggyb fancy clothes crying for her mommy.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sofia Vergara got needed help ,time off needed.

A Very tired Youth Goddess Named Sofia Vergara Just working on her tv show and she just got done turning very beauiful pinhead show-off reailty tv star named Ali Fedotowsky into a baby girl again,she hates reailty tv shows and stars,so she pack her 2 suit cases one was full of money to spend on her vaction and trip to New Orleans,La,to drink a lot and take a break from working at her 2 jobs.
A New and very youth goddess named Breann McGreger who is a very beauitful woman who very beautful blonde hair and beauitful naked body and she has another job, working as a investment banker.
Breann McGreger who is the acting youth goddees here,She used her mini transporter and had a very beauitful woman named Gabrielle Ortiz beamed and out of the clothes and bra and underwear she was wearing was standing in this wearing a woman -child low cut gown,she was later turned into a 10 year old girl again standing in her baggy gown, but later agree help find her pinhead former pinhead boyfriernd named Roberto Martinez,who is wanted by the f.b.i for being a pinhead show off reailty tv star,she argreed to it.
Gabrielle Oritz disappeared out of her baggy gown,while she was a little girl,she reappeared as a full grown beauitful youth goddess wearing a low cut corset youth goddess dress.
The next day,at Roberto Martinez's beach he was watching one of those pinhead reaity shows, all of a sudden ,his beach house's front door was broken by a Well armed LAPD s.w.a.t they lauched a armed raid on his beach house,they know him down on the floor ,they hand cuffed and turned him over to waiting F.B.I agents who have flown to the u.s miltarty prison,where C.I.A Agents waterboard intill he confeeses that reaity tv is fake.
Breann McGreger also used her magic powers to turn Carrie Underwood into a little girl,who was standing in her baggy fancy dress crying.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sofia Vergara makes Rachel Mcadams get young

Very beautful Youth Goddess Named Sofia Vergara uses her magic powers to make Very Beauiful Rachel McAdams Start getting younger and younger very slowly while in her office at the news station,Another very good looking newscaster named Chirstina Hendricks who was late coming to work at this tv news station that she also works at she found very beauitful Rachel Mcadams turned into a little standing in front of her desk crying for her mommy .standing in her baggy fancy work CLOTHES.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Villians these great looking woman have to stop.

1.Jennifer Aniston-Serial Dater
2.Angelina Jolie
3.Tommy Lee
4.Lex Luthor
5.Lionel Luthor
6.Evil Youth goddees villian Sara Rue
7.Trista Sutter
8.Ryan Sutter
9.Penelope Cruz-evil youth goodess
10.Kate Gosslin
11.Denise Richard -villian mistress
12,Lee Michele evil Fairygodmother
13.Isla Fisher -woman-child evil youth goddess
14.Sacha Luthor Cohen-drug Lord
15.Giseele Bundchen-evil witch youth goddess model
16.Jared Leto -Drug Lord
17.Asheley Greene -evil youth goddess
18.Rosario Dawson -Evil Girl Friend
19.Audra Marie -female evil hit woman with magic powers
20.Nicki Minaj-evil alien rap music gangster .
21.Justin Bieber-terriost
22.Katy Perry-evil nude model psyopath terroist

Gail Simmons youth goddess-younger -older.

Molly was able to make very beauiful Gail Simmons a Youth Goddess who has has many powers like x-ray vision ,and can make herself invisable and make all her clothes and bra and underwear disappear and make herself or anyone naked.
Bullets do not hurt or kill her and she has the power to make herself younger or older and transport pinhead reailty tv stars and rap music gangsters to the u.s mitartly base prison in Cuba.
And Gail Simmons is married to married to mob boss named Jimmy,the beer can.
Gail Simmons does not get sick ,she has the same type of blood of as race car driver Ben Richards.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Very beauitful youth Goddess Sofia Vergara turns .

Very Beauitful Sofia Vergara does a favor for someone Kari Korth'S DAUGHTER named Kailey Korth asks youth goddess named Sofia Vergara turn her mommy a very beauitful woman Kari Korth ,so she would have to play with at the nearby playground and youth goddess Sofa Vergara who is wearing her low cut youth goddess dress and uses her magic powers to turn very beauiful Lawyer named Kari Korth, who was finnaly turned into a ten year old little again,who was wearing her baggy fancy dress,that was wearing .
Molly who is also a very beauitful youth goddess who is wearing a towel around her naked body, asked Sofia Vergara to give molly a massage,while she is a naked woman.
Molly removed the towel that she was wearing to cover her naked body,and molly layed on her stomach on a massage table,so Sofia Vergara could molly a massage,while she is a naked woman.